S.P.G. CUSTOMS was established by owner/operator Steve Sodano in December 2004, but that’s not where it all began. The seeds of this company where planted a long time before that, starting from when Steve was very young. For the Sodano family, custom and classic cars have been a huge staple and part of the everyday life for decades. The car culture was introduced to Steve through many different people in his family right from the start. People including both his parents Steve and Bonnie, his Uncles Ken and Jim, and even his Grandmother Alice along with numerous other family members and friends.  They all shared a large part in introducing Steve to this amazing car culture early in life. As a family they spent a lot of time together building/working on cars and going to events together.  Whether it was going to car shows, drag racing events, or swap meets they have done it all together. Steve’s love and passion for custom and classic cars developed over many years of driveway projects, kitchen table discussions, and design with his dad, Steve Sr.

 When it came time for Steve to choose a career path, the answers and decisions were clear.  He wanted to turn the family’s long time car hobby into a career. He desired a family based business that he could run and operate the way he wanted. At this point Steve had a good bit of mechanical and custom knowledge and he knew the way a car should look when professionally built. He also wanted to refine the skills he already had and at the same time learn some new skills that would help him reach his goal of having a one stop custom shop. Now knowing what he wanted to do, Steve located a school that could provide the education that he was looking for. He enrolled in Wyotech in October 2003 in Blairsville, PA. Wyotech offered Steve everything he was looking for in learning new skills and refining his old ones. While attending the school Steve became certified in many different areas including Collision/Refinishing, Street Rod, Chassis Fab/High Performance Engines, and Trim/Upholstery. He also received ASE and ICAR certifications while at Wyotech. After graduating in December 2004 is when Sodano’s Paint and Graphics or S.P.G. CUSTOMS began to take shape.

 The company needed a place to work out of first and foremost so Steve cleaned up one bay of his parents two car garage, got the heat working and went in search of his first clients. Things went slow over the first few months and he pulled in whatever work he could. Once the first few jobs were complete, clients started referring other new clients and things started to pick up. Work started coming in fast enough to the point where Steve knew it was time to start looking for a bigger building to work out of. After about nine months of working out of a small garage in October 2005, Steve moved the company to its current location at 1008 Oak Ave. in Croydon, PA. Through a lot of hard work, determination, and great clients, Steve reached the point where he could hire some full time employees to help keep the company growing. The goal was reached of having a one stop custom shop and it’s a continually growing company….. S.P.G. CUSTOMS



"I have been a customer of SPG Customs for years and will never go any where else. SPG has gained my trust and respect as a customer due to the amazing results I receive after my car leaves the shop. I have had mostly mechanical work done, along with some body work. My most recent experience (also a huge life saver for me) was during the most recent snow storm, my steering decided to go on my 2002 Trailblazer. It was impossible for me to turn my steering wheel! Steve and his crew, within no time, figured out the problem, and had my car fixed and showed me that the pump was broken. The cost for repairs is affordable and the quality of service is fantastic! "~ Christina


"S.P.G. Customs has been my go-to company for years now. They have been quick to respond to every problem I have had (there have been many!) with each of my vehicles. I would recommend them to anyone. I have had body work done on several of my vehicles as well as my family members. Each and every time I have been thrilled with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. I recently had some extensive damage to the entire passenger side of my car. S.P.G. was willing to work with me as well as the insurance company to get me back on the road in a timely fashion. They are extremely dedicated to what they do and I couldn’t be happier with them." ~D.H.